Friday, September 28, 2018

Solutions Journalism & Permaculture

I set up Lorne Publishing as a venue where I could explore my varied interests and share information I found helpful. My quest is to become an informed and engaged person.

A course I encountered on one of my frequent travels around the Internet, Solutions Journalism, has enabled me to focus on that quest in a manner that seeks solutions rather than reiterations of the problems existing throughout the world.

The vast majority of what I have posted here, previously, is related to gardening, especially the vital role that pollinators and pollination perform in plant growth.

I have produced an eBook on gardening. I am working on a booklet on sunflowers.

Once this booklet is complete, I will combine the knowledge gained during my permaculture courses with the permaculture design skills I have developed over the years. In addition to what I am learning through the Solutions Journalism course, permaculture education and experience will give me the foundation to move forward in my quest.

I will be producing a series of solutions-oriented articles which will be published here.

Join me, ask questions, suggest topics, challenge me. Have a great day.

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