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Backyard Food Forest

Have you begun to feel that the time you spend watering and cutting your lawn is a waste and probably doing more harm than good?  Do you want to move away from a synthetic chemical assault on the lawn simply keep that lawn green and golf course ready? The synthetic compounds kill much more than pests and diseases. Perhaps, you no longer want to eat food that has travelled a long distance to get to the table. A taste for freshness has taken hold. Perhaps both appeal to you and if you have answered yes to one or both then it could be time to turn your yard into a food forest garden. If you do undergo the transformation, you will be no longer be using your time and energy to maintain an unnatural ecosystem- the lawn- which gives you little in return for your efforts. Instead, you will be investing that time, energy and dollars in an ecosystem that provides you and your family with fresh right off the vine, produce all the while, creating a backyard habitat that will attract, butterflies, be…

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