Thursday, February 8, 2018

What is Your Gardening Style?

When it comes to gardening, size does not matter. The garden can be as small as a single container with a cherry tomato and some basil on a tabletop, for example, or vast; that depends upon the available resources (time, money, land) and, of course, the grower’s interest.
There is no shortage of gardening books, websites and gurus to consult with for growing details, ideas, plans.
The secret to a thriving garden is to keep it natural and put the right plant in the right place. However, this hub is not about the how-tos of gardening and gardening design; it is all about style.
When it comes to gardening style there are, for example, formal gardens, Japanese gardens and English Country gardens, among many others.
When I think about style, I think about uniqueness; creating something, whether it is a wardrobe, a living room or a garden that reflects who you are.
Style is not copied from the pages of a fashion magazine or TV show, it comes from having a sense of who you are and what your place in the world is; a realization that you are unique; there may others who resemble you have the same bloodlines and the same likes and dislikes that you do, but there is only one you.
Style is both timeless and adaptable. So is a garden.
The English Cottage Garden with cosmos, hollyhocks and herbs, among others, is one of my favourite garden designs, but if I was to create one, for myself, I look for the plants that reflect me. I wear mostly black so the black hollyhock is a must. Other dark colours would be essential. Naturally, you can not show off the black properly if you do not have white, roses, for example to contrast.
How do you define your gardening style? Well the first step is to determine how much time you have to garden. Then how much space are you going to devote to your garden? The third question is backyard, balcony, container or not? Now what do you like to grow; herbs, flowers, vegetables? Which ones?
When you have the answers to these questions, ask yourself which plants you like and what are your favourite colours? The garden industry has grown significantly over the years and the colours and hues are wide and varied.
Are you looking to create a backyard room space outdoors that reflects your living room, for example? Or are you looking for a bit of the wild right near home?
This is the time to be you and to not worry about what anyone else will think or what the rules are. Let creativity roam free.
There is no need to plant flowers, herbs or vegetables in a square or rectangle. Use a circle, an oval, or go kidney-shaped, just as long as the style suits the gardener.
Some rules, such as tall plants at the back, or in the centre still apply, but this is your garden style it your way, until next week happy gardening.

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