Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Gardening Tools

 Tools, every gardener needs a tool or two.
What tools are required depends upon the garden and the gardener.
Good tools simplify the work and help ensure it is done properly. When it comes to gardening, the right tool makes the job easier, just try and prune that shrub with your kitchen scissors.
A sharp pair of scissors may work on thin branches but are likely to damage the scissors and possibly make a poor cut in the branch.
On the other hand, pruning shears are used on branches that are up to one-half inch in diameter. If you use your pruning shears on anything larger you will harm the shears and possibly the plant. A poorly pruned branch is a wound waiting to be infected.
Which pruning tool you purchase will depend upon the pruning chores that need to be done. If you do not have trees or shrubs, including roses then you do not have a great need of pruning shears.
Now, most hedges require some level of pruning so purchase a set of hedge shears that are easy to use and strong enough to do the job. There are companies that specialize in making ergonomic hand tools for gardeners.
Some hedge shears have high carbon steel blades, with s curved blades and adjustable tension settings, as well as lightweight aluminum, handles
My hand trowel is one of the most used tools in my small but busy toolkit. Much of my gardening these days is done in containers of one kind or another and the hand trowel is perfect for adding soil and compost to the containers. You can buy long handled versions so that if you do not need to bend down or kneel to garden.
I find the trowel also very useful for digging holes for bulbs, backfilling those holes or adding compost to the garden bed.
Buy good quality tools and buy only what you need; the first step before spending any money is to assess your needs and buy the tools that make the job easier. Good tools are worth the money.
Larger tools, hoes, and rakes, for example, are required for larger gardens and there is a wide variety of bot to choose from, buy the tool that suits you and the job.
I can buy a hand trowel in a dollar store for a buck but the blade bends easily and the tool becomes useless fast. I am not eager to run to the store to buy a new one when I am gardening.
Take care of the tools you do buy, clean them, and keep them dry; they will last a very long time. Take some time and examine the tools you already have before adding  any new ones, 

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