Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Are You Malnourished?

Does your diet consist mainly of pizza, hamburgers, fries and other fast foods? If it does then you could be malnourished.

"Simplistically, malnutrition is defined as “bad nourishment.” It includes under-nourishment and over-nourishment. So are we putting poor rural families suffering food insecurities and North Americans who consider hamburgers and soda an important part of their diet in the same basket? In a sense, yes. Because there is so much more to malnutrition that we need to know."

". Hunger and malnutrition usually go hand-in-hand. However, there is no guarantee that an abundance of food will stamp out malnutrition. In other words, food security and nutritional security are two different things. Malnutrition relates to the qualityof the diet, and the inadequate intake of nutrients and proteins."


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